The System

obduramus GmbH is a company in the field of environmental engineering. Our area of operations is the spigot and socket-joint-repair in the accessible nominal size.
Our environment and especially our ground water are very sensitive systems which have to be protected. Through leaky pipes ground layers will be drained and the plants above will be extracted from essential water. Also through radial cracks and leaky pipe connections sewage water of different kinds will spill our ground water.


The set-up of our sealing system is based on the swelling gasket, a princible of the nature. The swelling gasket works very reliable and effective in a lot of areas of our modern technique. A inflatable sleeve fits optimal in all conditions, even if the pipe is not completely round or if the sealing sleeve is cone-shaped.

Application area

Our system starts from diameter 800 mm till 3.000 mm – for pipe-connections without joint gap or till a gap of 50 mm. Pipe step joints will be bridged till 10 mm without problems. Conical joint gaps can also be sealed tight. The outer-sleeves can be used from diameter 150 mm till 3.000 mm and even more.


For assembling there is no need for purchasing expensive installation equipment. You will be trained from us directly at the place of installation and you will be able to operate the system in practice.

Spigot and socket joint repair procedures

obduramus Umwelttechnik GmbH has invented a innovative sealing system to repair pipe-systems
starting from DN 800 in fast and effective way. The system is pipe gentle, versatile and produced
from high quality materials. The system has utility-patent and is protected by patent.
Into the sleeve a tensioning-ring will be inserted. The purpose of this tensioning-ring is twofold:
firstly, it fixes the sleeve in place and, secondly, protects the sleeve from mechanical influences.
After sleeve and tension-ring had been assembled, pressure is applied to the sleeve, forming
a reliable and durable seal over the damaged area.